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Diamond Reserve Club — A private, tokenized business membership club.

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Will this card be the only one you ever need in your wallet again.

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TRAVELCOIN — Decentralizing the travel ecosystem with smart bookings.

Online Video Poker Guide. a pair of jacks or queens pays 5 coins in a classic video poker game,. in this game you only get paid out by hitting AT LEAST a pair.Xarcade — Blockchain video game distribution platform on NEM.ADSHARES — Decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.TELE2-teleport — Invest in high speed internet from Europe to China across Russia.Streamr — Tokenizing real time data for trade on a P2P network.PlusCoin — Connecting dots between cryptocurrency and the real world economy.

Wish Finance — A robust cryptocurrency payment and lending platform.KYBER NETWORK — System for exchange and conversion of digital assets.Galactikka — Decentralized social network that rewards content creators.

Unolabo — Decentralized, global skill market built on Ethereum.One card to replace them all. This. Coin can store all of your swipe-able cards in a single card.Lucid Exchange — Powering the derivatives market with blockchain technology.Coin counting intro Elementary. 35,623 views subscribe 2. Video not.Neuron — A conversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology.HUBII NETWORK — Blockchain based decentralized content marketplace.

Authorship — A decentralized publishing platform for authors and readers.DARFchain — An ERP for crowdsourced auditing and control of ICO projects.

DECO — Aiming to make cryptocurrencies a mainstream payment option.

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So go ahead, throw them on your futon and kick back with some.SMARTRE — Real estate platform built on Ethereum with insurance protection.CRYPTICS — P2P crypto analytics based on artificial intelligence.SPOTREE — A platform that dramatically minimizes security breaches.Coin, Kicking Credit Cards To The Curb, Answers A Few Questions. people not only want to buy more Coins but they want to know more about Coin,.

Acebusters — A decentralized poker platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The main Bitcoin discussion forum, includes subforums for technical support, mining, development and economics.OMEGA ONE — A cheaper and safer way to trade cryptocurrencies.DASERON — Decentralized platform for selling and sharing content.BioPayCoin — Biometric fingerprint scanning security for your crypto wallet.

LATIUM — Decentralized microtasking platform built on Ethereum.Transmission — Fast and reliable multi-currency transactions.PEERBANKS — A cryptocurrency planning to integrate with IRAs.

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The Memessenger — Messenger that uses memes instead of words.AMMBR — Tokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.MedCredits — A decentralized platform for connecting doctors with patients.

GAMECASH — Making video game users more productive with crypto.Crowdcoin — A new mineable cryptocurrency aiming to stabilize the crypto market.In contrast, only three projects have said they are canceling or postponing the sale of coins because of the warning.Hedge Pro — A decentralized platform for hedging against cryptocurrency.Genotik — A series of regional cryptocurrency exchange platforms.HIVE PROJECT — Providing liquidity to small businesses using crypto.EVENTCHAIN — Blockchain network for buying and selling SmartTickets.Paul Sannes found a total of 19 gold nuggets over a two day period with his Garrett AT Gold.

Eloplay — A blockchain based eSports platform for creating tournaments.QVOLTA — A p2p crypto exchange that uses local payment methods.SaharaChain — An AI-driven cryptocurrency exchange and payment gateway.SONM — Decentralized worldwide fog computer for general purpose computing.Etherparty FUEL — Create smart contracts across multiple blockchains.WEPOWER — Platform to buy, trade or invest in tokenized green energy.

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